Welcome to the Osteopathic Health & Wellness InstituteFounded by Dr. Steven Sanet, D.O. as an alternative for those suffering from pain and illness and as an educational center devoted to teaching gentle osteopathic techniques that allow the body to heal itself.
Based in Parkesburg, PA, USA, Dr. Sanet is also the founder of the Osteopathic Health and Wellness Institute (OHWI), one of the world's leading Osteopathic educational facilities.

The OHWI Institute
The mission of the Osteopathic Health & Wellness Institute is to provide the highest quality treatment and education utilizing Osteopathic principles and practice while promoting a forum for the continued advancement of Osteopathic thought.
This mission is accomplished by providing treatment and education in our facility in Parkesburg, PA in the United States and throughout our multiple teaching programs offered in Europe and Asia.

OHWI Offices
The OHWI Institute
Dr. Sanet believes in the Osteopathic philosophy and treatments which help activate the body's own healing mechanisms and guarentees to give 100% of his skill toward your healing.

Medical Treatments
Osteopathy has provided the pathway toward healing many types of illnesses that have failed other treatments through restoring blood flow and lymphatic flow and enhancing respiration through the relaxation of body tissues.

Patient Testimonials
OHWI welcomes all licensed practitioners from all countries into its comprehensive training programs available in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Educational Testimonials

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